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16 December 2011 @ 11:04 pm
Membership Post  
Hello and welcome to Cuticlefansubs ^^

This community is moderated but the joininh process if very simple. There are some requirements we need from you before we accept you to this community.

You MUST do all 4 things below:
1. Please read the rules and agree to follow them
2. Make a short introductory post about yourself, we'd like to know about fellow Arashi members!
3. Please click join community & wait for approval
(Just added) 4. Remember to put MEMBERSHIP in the subject title of your comment. It makes it easier for me to sort through. If you do NOT, your application may be skipped over and rejected.

NOTE: Please bear with us as membership process may take longer than usual (depends on our personal life schedule).

*We could make mistakes and for some reason could accidentally skip over your comment. If you've done all 3 requirements above but didn't get into the community in a reasonable amount of time, please contact the moderator

+NO re-uploading ANYWHERE
+NO selling videos for profit
+NO posting of links outside of lj
+NO hot-linking
+ONLY download for personal views

Disclaimer:  We DO NOT own any of the videos. The rights goes to Johnny-san and/or appropriate broadcasting companies. No copyright infringement intended.

Enjoy! & Spread the Arashi Love!